Email is like a sanctuary to me. A place that I have control over customizing the environment

Welcome to 2020!

I’m a tweet away from interacting with someone or a Linkedin invitation to start a new deal or a Whatsapp message to go for a drink with a friend or an Instagram message to find a designer for my next project.

But still, to this date, I’m…

Water healthy habits — mental health
Water healthy habits

In 2013 I experienced the first depression in my professional career. In pursuit of a better life, I had emigrated from Iran to Europe. It was a brave move, but one of uncertainty and without any financial support to fall back on if things went wrong. I had joined a…

User research is an essential part of the design thinking and user experience design process.

The application of user research is to

  • Unearth new consumer behaviors (Design Thinking)

Discover innovative ideas by observing what users do

  • Usability testing (UX Design)

Close the gap between designers’ and users’ mental models

Why do we do usability testing?

By getting feedback from those who will use the product regularly, we want to make sure that the design will help them to…

Design Thinking is a mindset that originated from the works of physical product designers. Innovation experts reflected on the process by which a product designer develops a new product and realized fascinating breakthroughs.

Before we start, let’s answer this question first.

👉 Why is Coronavirus the right virus to cause a global pandemic?

Short answer: because effective factors come together. They are:

✅ Incubation period
✅ Ease of transmission,
✅ and Smart purpose — — Unlike Ebola, it doesn’t want to kill every single human. It just wants to kill enough and leave irreversible damage

UX design as of now is akin to the wild west. There is not a list of ethics and qualitative standards agreed upon by the community over which we can measure the impact of our work.

This is alarming and hazardous. Our work impacts the lives of many and changes…

A threefold increase in the popularity of the term “Design Thinking” (DT) in the past five years.

Why? You may ask?

By the advent of Design Thinking, a philosophical upheaval occurred in ways we solved problems. You can deem Design Thinking as Problem-Solving 2.0.

To illustrate my point, let me…

There are many many talks about what’s UX and who’s an UX’er that sometimes even confusing for us to keep track of all different definitions.

The fact that there’s still not a consensus on what an UX’er does is two-fold. Firstly, it’s an alarming signal because digital products have been…

“Wouldn’t it be great if customers just gave us a chunk of change at the beginning of the year and we calculated zero for their shipping charges the rest of that year?”– Charlie Ward (former Amazon principal engineer; current Amazon VP, technology)

And we kind of had a small pause…

Behrad Mirafshar

UX researcher, designer and strategist. CEO and co-founder of Bonanza Design —

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